HPGCC3 versioning

 Each release of the HPGCC3 libraries is associated with a revision number. The first release will be R001, then any newer revisions or additions will be marked with consecutive ascending numbers. So version R002 will be newer than R001. Programs compiled and linked versus R001 will run if revision R001 or newer is installed on the target calculator. The opposite will not be true: programs compiled for a newer revision will refuse to execute under an older revision. In general, a program requires at least the library revision that was used to compile the program. When publishing a program written for HPGCC3, you should list the minimum revision number required by your program, so the user can install the proper one in the calculator. Since all revisions will be backwards compatible, old programs need not be recompiled and redistributed when newer revisions of HPGCC3 are released.


Please take a moment to read the Copyright and licensing article before you download the files. Downloading and installing the libraries implies your acceptance of the terms and conditions of the license. If you don't accept the license you may not utilize HPGCC3.


Latest version:

Release number: R004.revA

Published date: March26, 2014

Download link: hpgcc3_R004.revA.tar.gz

Changes from previous release:

  • Fixed build errors with new gcc 4.8.x

Previous releases:  

Release number: R004

Published date: June 30, 2012

Download link: hpgcc3_R004.tar.gz

Changes from previous release:

  • Fixed build errors with new gcc 4.6.x
  • Fixed rounding bug on __sat3_dbl2real.

Release number: R003

Published date: June 17, 2012

Download link: hpgcc3_R003.tar.gz

Changes from previous release:

  • Rewrite of cache flush functions to avoid compile errors with new gcc 4.6.x
  • Changed documentation tags on some headers to improve readability.

Release number: R002

Published date: October 16, 2011

Download link: hpgcc3_R002.tar.gz

Release number: R001

Published date: June 1, 2011

Download link: hpgcc3_R001.tar.gz