The PC simulator is available for download directly from Sourceforge:

Download latest files from

An early alpha version of the firmware for the 50g hardware can be downloaded from here:

Download firmware for 50g

To install this firmware, simply use the standard tools for a firmware update via USB, or use an SD card. The procedure using an SD card is as follows:

  • Copy the downloaded firmware (newrplfw.bin) to the root directory of your FAT16 formatted SD card.
  • Create a text file with a plain text editor containing a single line of text with the name of the firmware file: newrplfw.bin
  • Save that text file also to the root directory of the SD card. The file must be named update.scp
  • Reset your calculator while at the same time pressing the + and - keys to access the boot loader
  • Select option 1 (Update), then option 2 (SD card), and the process will begin. Do not interrupt the process until complete.

To revert to the original firmware follow the same procedure, replacing the name of the firmware file for your favorite ROM version.