The newRPL core finally ran on the 50g hardware for the first time!

It was compiled and executed under HPGCC3, as we don't have yet the code needed to make it boot as a separate firmware.

The first RPL program executed was the N-Queens benchmark from this link:

The code executed was the userRPL version listed for the 48/49/50g. No modifications were needed to run it on newRPL (we want to stay true to our promise of source code compatibility).

The results are encouraging:

At 6 MHz (slow mode): 5.620 seconds

At 75 MHz (normal speed): 0.450 seconds

At 192 MHz: 0.178 seconds

These timings might vary as the code matures (hopefully faster!), but it's a very good start, and a good comparison to see where the new RPL core falls with respect to other calculators. At 75 MHz the original userRPL result was 90 seconds, that's almost exactly a 200x speed improvement.