The last couple of months were not the most productive but a lot got done in the project. The standalone compiler is now working and integrated into the build system. Libraries can now define objects like menus, command help and error messages in plain RPL. These RPL files allow easier translation to other languages, as well as providing an easy way for users to customize the system menus to their liking.

There's an ongoing effort now to review the libraries one by one, checking the commands that were implemented for correctness and compatibility, adding help for each command, adding menus, and any secondary commands that belong in a library but weren't implemented in the initial phase (like STO+, STO-, etc.).

As part of this effort, quite a few commands were implemented recently. The detailed status page has been updated with the latest implementations, and now the website also has a "todo" list with the tasks that are likely to be done next in the Project Status page.

On the hardware side, the auto-off feature is now enabled by default after 30 seconds of inactivity. This can be configured but there's no GUI to do that yet.

Slow but steady, the project keeps moving forward.