While the command line editor is in the works, it's good to take some time and see how everything else is working.

To test drive the new RPL core, the N-Queens benchmark code was executed in a couple of different configurations, and the timing under newRPL and the normal userRPL firmware was compared.

A second benchmark was developed based on a slowly converging series, which was executed on the 50g and under newRPL as well, but this time using different arbitrary precision values.

For a more extensive discussion of the programs utilized and their peculiarities, see this discussion:



The results are in. The speedup factor varies in each case, but it's safe to say that the expected speedup is 100x for number-crunching applications, around 200x for applications that use mainly the stack and integer numbers, and around 400x when using lists.


Algorithm userRPL newRPL Speedup
N-Queens - Original w/lists 90 s 0.197 s 457x
N-Queens - In-stack recursive 29.7 s 0.101 s 294x
N-Queens - In-stack optimized 22.6 s 0.106 s 213x
Series - 12 digit precision 87.4 s - -
Series - 36 digit precision - 0.893 s 98x
Series - 108 digit precision - 1.615 s 54x
Series - 1008 digit precision - 10.843 s 8x