The past:

It's been two years since the newRPL project was born. The first year (2014) was almost entirely dedicated to the basic RPL language core and its many objects. The second year (2015) saw the project user interface develop, thanks to a Qt GUI front-end, and also saw the project become usable as a basic calculator on the 50g hardware.

The present:

Currently there's ongoing work in the menus and command help systems. However, the help, as well as other messages in the user interface need to be easy to replace, in order to support multiple languages. Internationalization needs to happen before these systems operate properly, so there's a barrier preventing massive implementation of menus at the moment.

2016 and beyond:

The first challenge is to be able to easily define the menus, their commands and help. The simplest and more portable way is to define the menus as RPL lists, ready to be used by TMENU. In order to do that, a new stand-alone newRPL compiler is needed.

  • The first task of 2016 is to make this new compiler work, and integrate it into the build process of the main projects. This will allow not only to define menus, but to include any other arbitrary RPL code in ROM.
  • After that, the interactive stack is the next pending item to provide a more complete user experience.
  • The command line is still lacking some refinement: cut/copy/paste, search and search/replace,
  • Add the last few missing object types: tags and hex strings (or some equivalent arbitrary data object)
  • Revisit all the commands already implemented for completeness and correctness.
  • Implement more commands, the goal for 2016 would be to reach the 25% mark in the detailed project status

There's great challenges ahead. Now it's time to work on them.